Tyler Moore Work Experience 2017

As a 17 year old from the North East, coming down to London and working with LemonWedge this week has helped me to clarify what I would like to do as a profession.

In my busy week of work experience, I helped with video editing, web design and also with shooting an ident for the company itself on Leake Street.

Web design was interesting because I learnt how to alter the layout of a website and add images/texts/links to make it refreshed and current, showcasing the many jobs LemonWedge has produced. This was good because I could watch clips of the videos and decide which stills should be added to the website.

I also enjoyed shooting the ident on colourful, graffiti-filled Leake Street. The time lapse we produced was extremely time consuming (moving only inches at a time to take a picture) but the

end result turned out fantastic showing how all the work and effort was well worthy.

Despite enjoying all the tasks I was assigned to, I found that editing was the aspect which suited me the most. I quickly got use to the software and could do most of the work independently.

With the Peter Andre edit, I learnt how to shorten clips but make them still flow and show continuity. This was essential both; to meet requirements of the client and to ensure that the main message of the video would be received. Alternatively, with my ident video, I was taught how to; edit videos to boost colour, add keyframes and change the duration of images to condense the overall viewing time.

On the whole, my time with LemonWedge has shown me that it is a profession I would definitely like to do in my future. I enjoy the creativity, the precision and the organisation which you need in order to complete a task to the best possible standard.

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