Jessica Bailey Work Experience.

I have throughly enjoyed working with LemonWedge Productions for my work experience this year. My week of work experience although I wish I had more has really opened my eyes to see and understand all aspects of the job that is at hand. I have learned many things throughout the whole week and have been able to get a detailed understanding of the work that needs to be done. Getting a grip on Photoshop and delving into photography. Making a photo look more interesting and nicer by playing with depth of field and golden thirds, a real key aspect to learn about. This made me think about how I should take my photographs and how I should change the perspective of the photo itself before the photo was actually taken. I learned these by experimenting with taking photographs on a rainy day at Kew Gardens.

The logistical side of working in a business has also been a key and important aspect of this week for me. Understanding the entire job takes a lot of dedication and focus; from creating logs to organise clips and files, to updating the website attracting more attention towards the business and giving idea on designs and editing.

I am glad that I came to Stuart to do my work experience, it has been a week that I have most definitely enjoyed and have learn a lot from. A personal highlight for this week in particular has been learning how to work Photoshop in detail as i only had a basic understanding before.

During the week, I also learned how to Photoshop an actress' headshot that had already been taken by LemonWedge Productions. By doing this, I learned how to smooth skin, define certain areas of the face and how an angle can change the whole mood of a headshot. This is my finished photograph with a caption of "Strong Women Never Finish Last" I was able to come up with this caption by the way that she is sitting and the changes made from the original photo.

Overall, I am proud of the work that i have done throughout my work experience, it's given me the boost to continue with photography and Photoshop.

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