Behind the Scenes : Cocktail Week

We don't usually need an excuse to hit the bar for brainstorming sessions, so our team assembled faster than you can slice a LemonWedge when we discovered it's Cocktail Week!

Our first choice of venue - Yauatcha in Broadgate Circle, Liverpool St. Usually high end places can be a bit prickly when asked to be used as a film location, and we understand why as no-one wants their clientele disturbed, so we were thrilled when they agreed to our request!

Greeted by the beaming smile of Senior Bar Manager Eder Neto, a true mixologist we were going to get an education in respecting the booze.

Now here's where I wrestle with the idea of ordering a cocktail. Picture the scene - it's 7pm Friday night and the pub is packed, as everyone shoulder jostles their way into the eye-line of the barman, all everyone wants is a quick beverage exchange, a speedy service. Then someone goes and orders a bloody mary or a bloody martini, and suddenly it's the looks as well as the drink that turns dirty. I can't be that guy. But as part of a night out in an extremely swanky restaurant and suddenly I want to be all sophisticated.

Eder knew we wanted something special and suggested a seemingly butch concoction made with rum, vermouth, cherry liquor, citrus bitter and two shots of Asahi beer, but then sweetened with blueberries and melon. Unusual, with a bit of theatre in the making.

His cocktail was also given a gentle touch by rolling rather than shaken or stirred, allowing it to chill and blend. Finally it was served in a big tumbler to wrap your hand around. The end result is a drink that is extremely smooth and subtle where you'd think would be thicker and stronger. The citrus flavours cuts the sweetness and the beer dilutes the syrup.

Carl and Holly then were kindly allowed behind the bar to devise their own inventions and Eder was a master at guessing their tastes and suggesting the ingredients.

We had an excellent experience with the team at Yauatcha, and wish to thank them for their time and service. Oh and as a side note, we indulged in a cheeky macaron on the way out.... if that taste was anything to go by, I'll be back for the food very soon!

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