We produce bespoke short form content around company messages and events, from planned campaigns to tight turnaround deadlines for use on social media platforms. 

From creating TV series from pilot to broadcast, to making award winning webseries and short films. We've invested in producing a documentary, and launched online channels.

Coaching the perfect headshot. 

Creating materials for brochures, poster and flyer work, and capturing landscapes or action shots when we are out and about at events.

Producing company e-learning, revamping the run of the mill training videos into successful campaigns, we've helped train the 2000 staff  serving The Championship's Wimbledon, maintained the standards at Royal Ascot, produced successful driver awareness campaigns in Russia for PepsiCo and AXA, and helped save lives for the Ambulance Trust to name a few.

Utilising our 20 years of experience on location and an expansive network, we pull together an upbeat and professional team to provide services for international crews producing in the UK.  Hired by ESPN, Travel Channel, History Channel, A&E, Esquire Network, Yahoo, Amazon Fire, Break Point Media, ZPZ and by Canadian company Quiet Motion.


WE proudly support Dreamflight. 
Dreamflight is a registered UK charity that changes lives, taking children with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.  Along with volunteering LemonWedge has also produced two 'Beyond Dreamflight' clips.


superfresh Sweden

Shot on location in Stockholm, Uppsala and Ostersund we follow a groundbreaking science experiment into cultivated fish, funded by


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